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Master Calendar Contact List

The document known as the Master Calendar identifies calendared events that will have significance for district employees, students, and parents. It results from input and the initial dates provided by the departments listed below. Please contact the department or group corresponding to the source code if you have a question regarding an item. Program limitations may affect the sorting of events within certain time periods, so please note that these events may not appear in actual time sequence.

The official school calendar, which has been adopted by the Board of School Trustees, serves as the guide in preparation of this information. If any date conflict is observed, the calendar approved by the board will always take precedence.

Division/Department Source Code Phone Number
Board of School Trustees BD 799-1072
Community & Government Relations Division CGRD 799-1080
Communications Office CO 799-5304
School-Community Partnership Program SCPP 799-6560
Career & Technical Education CTE 799-8462
Science SHFL 799-2348
Secondary Fine Arts SFA 799-8531
Elementary Fine Arts EFA 799-8467
Guidance & Counseling GC 799-8441
Interscholastic Athletics IA 799-8493
Literacy LIT 799-5443
Math & Instructional Technology MIT 799-5398
Student Activities SA 799-8474
Education Services Division ESD 855-9765
Maintenance M 799-5204 x5110
Budget B 799-5452 x5226
Demographics DZG 799-6435 x5829
Enterprise Resource Planning ERP 799-5445
Food Service FS 799-5445
Transportation T 799-5445
Human Resources Division HRD 387-0641
Teacher Development TD 799-1092
Instruction Unit IU 799-5475
Superintendent's Schools SS 799-1222
Student Support Services Division SSSD 799-5209 x5759
English Language Learner Programs ELLP 799-2137 x5048
Technology & Information Systems Services Division TISSD 799-3321 x5051
Central Information Systems CIS 799-5040 x5636
Grade Reporting Calendar GRC 799-5040 x5636
Vegas PBS VPBS 799-1010 x5429
Assessment, Accountability, Research & School Improvement AARSI 799-1041
Office of the Superintendent SUP 799-5311
Grants Development & Administration GDA 799-3355 x5253
Equity and Diversity Education Department EDE 702-799-8484