Friday, March 27, 2015
CCSD launches "Franchise School" pilot proposal program

In an effort to duplicate successful programs in schools, the Clark County School District (CCSD) has launched a “Franchise School” pilot proposal program to begin in the 2015-16 school year. Chief Student Achievement Officer Mike Barton (pictured) said as part of the Franchise model, a successful principal who has demonstrated academic growth and achievement will supervise an additional school using the same or similar practices that have led to their success while continuing to supervise their original or “flagship” school. “Our philosophy at the school district is to bolster best practices to other campuses through expanded leadership opportunities,” said Barton. “While this is a pilot program, we are very hopeful and confident about the success of the model and its continued growth.”

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Friday, March 20, 2015
Learn about "Ensuring Every Dollar Counts" initiative

The new “Ensuring Every Dollar Counts” initiative is a public/private partnership that includes community leaders and representatives of the Clark County School District, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and Nevada Succeeds. Click here for more information.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015
State legislation to help address CCSD space crunch

Eleven CCSD elementary schools will convert to a year-round calendar in the next school year to ease crowding. However, according to American School & University Magazine, “Officials say the district's dependence on year-round schedules won't have to continue much longer. Recently approved state legislation will enable the school system to address the space crunch by building new campuses.”

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Ditch school, ditch your license

School attendance is now taken into consideration for students under 18 who wish to apply for a learner's permit or driver's license. Per Senate Bill 269, students who do not meet the 90% attendance standard in the current semester will be unable to apply until the next semester, provided they have met the 90% standard during that semester. Learn more about SB 269 at

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Monday, March 9, 2015
Video shows highlights of Nevada Reading Week

Book readings by guests including School Board members and local celebrities (including radio personality Chet Buchanan, pictured) were among the many activities at CCSD schools for Nevada Reading Week, March 2-6. Watch this video to see some of the highlights.

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Friday, March 6, 2015
New year-round schools named to ease overcrowding

Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky announced today that 11 additional elementary schools will convert to a year-round calendar in the 2015-16 school year to ease overcrowding. They will join 13 other elementary schools that have already converted to a year-round calendar over the last two years.

"The Clark County School District continues to grow in student population, having gained more than 8,000 students during the past two years," Skorkowsky said. "Converting schools to a year-round calendar is not a decision that is made lightly, but it serves as a solution to our overcrowded schools, which pose potential safety issues and create congestion in the classrooms. Thanks to the Nevada State Legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval, who signed SB207 into law, we will now have funds to build new schools and will hopefully be able to curtail future year-round calendar conversions."

Superintendent Skorkowsky weighs several factors to determine which schools will convert to a year-round calendar, including projected student population, seat capacity, school design and overall growth throughout the county. He also listens to input from parents who have emailed him regarding year-round calendar conversions.

The following elementary schools will be converting to a year-round schedule in the 2015-16 school year:

•    Will Beckley Elementary School
•    Manuel J. Cortez Elementary School
•    Ruben P. Diaz Elementary School
•    Helen Herr Elementary School
•    Steve Schorr Elementary School
•    Wayne N. Tanaka Elementary School
•    Jim Thorpe Elementary School
•    Harriet Treem Elementary School
•    Neil C. Twitchell Elementary School
•    John Vanderburg Elementary School
•    Shirley and Bill Wallin Elementary School

The following 13 elementary schools currently follow a year-round schedule:

•    Clyde C. Cox Elementary School
•    Lois Craig Elementary School
•    Laura Dearing Elementary School
•    Mark L. Fine Elementary School
•    Robert L. Forbuss Elementary School
•    Robert E. Lake Elementary School
•    Carolyn S. Reedom Elementary School
•    Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary School
•    Bertha Ronzone Elementary School
•    Dr. C. Owen Roundy Elementary School
•    Gwendolyn Woolley Elementary School
•    William V. Wright Elementary School
•    Elaine Wynn Elementary School

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