Thursday, September 6, 2012
Air conditioning failures at schools highlight need for CCSD ballot initiative

Recent air conditioning failures at numerous CCSD campuses have prompted school closures, temporary school location changes and schedule modifications, causing disruption to instruction and adjustments for families. As stated by Associate Superintendent of Community and Government Relations Joyce Haldeman, these problems “underscore the critical need for additional funding to fix our schools." The district needs to repair or replace critical infrastructure, such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical and security systems at some of CCSD's older schools. “Question 2” on the November ballot proposes a 21 cent increase in property tax per $100 of assessed valuation for up to six years to provide for these needs on a “pay-as-you-go-basis,” as funds become available over time. "The proposed plan would cost only $6.19 per month for a homeowner with $100,000 in assessed valuation and would provide much-needed relief for failing roofs, plumbing, electrical systems, technology and air conditioning,” said Haldeman. A list of the proposed projects for the ballot initiative may be viewed at