Pat, Personally

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ditch school, ditch your driver's license

We often tell our students that driving is a privilege. A new state law that takes effect on January 1 will drive that message home to our high school students.

Senate Bill 269 will require every student younger than 18 years old who applies for a Nevada driver’s license or learner’s permit to submit a "DMV-301." The form must be signed by a school official verifying that the student has attended school at least 90 percent of the current semester.

That means no more than 10 unapproved absences for a non-block school and no more than seven unapproved absences for a block school.

Additionally, students may have their driver's licenses suspended if they receive three or more unapproved absences in a semester. The first offense will merit a 30-day suspension and the second offense a 60-day suspension.

We as a school district have to abide by this state law - and help implement it - along with other school districts in Nevada. This will include filling out paperwork for the DMV and asking school police to confiscate licenses from students on campus.

We will work aggressively to communicate this new law, not just to students but to parents, staff and the entire community.

During this process we will work closely with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and our school police department to implement this correctly, fairly and within the law.

We don’t want any of our students to lose driving privileges. However, we are more concerned that our students graduate with a bright future ahead of them, and in order to do that, they must regularly attend school.

Our message to our students will be: ditch school and ditch your driver's license.