Pat, Personally

Monday, April 3, 2017

Test-taking tips for parents

This is the time of year that students in grades 3-5 are taking their SBAC tests. If you are a parent, there are ways you can help your child prepare for these tests.

The first thing I’d suggest is to create a study area at home that is free of distractions, a place where your child can prepare quietly and without unnecessary stress.

Try engaging in activities such as grade-appropriate games that make studying fun. You can also refer to old homework assignments and use them as study tools.

Set time limits on the review activities so that your child gets in the habit of working at a steady pace.

Make sure your student gets at least eight hours of sleep the night before test days, and ensure they have a healthy breakfast the morning of testing.

Do your best to enhance your child’s confidence that he or she can do well on the test. It's so important to be positive and supportive, to help your child feel relaxed and self-assured.

On test day, your child should read and re-read the directions carefully so they understand how to complete the task.

For more tips, click here to watch a fun video about testing courtesy of our friends at Lincoln Elementary School.