Pat, Personally

Monday, March 20, 2017

FACES increases parent engagement

One of the most important ideas behind the reorganization of our district is the engagement of our parents and community members in our schools. We have several partners who are helping to increase parent engagement by bringing parents into the schools to find ways to get involved.

The Family and Community Engagement Services Department, or FACES, as we like to call them, has been in place for the past two years. Their purpose is to go into schools and communities to teach parents how to get engaged in their child’s education. They also teach parents how to become advocates for their child and all children in their school.

FACES has a small but mighty staff that focuses on school-based Family Engagement Centers that “establish and nurture relationships with one common goal—student achievement, through academic support, classes and workshops in a variety of topics, and access to community resources.” Visit their site at

They also work closely with school principals to go out into their community to engage parents in their home schools. This work is essential when recruiting parents to be members of parent organizations and the School Organizational Teams.

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) began in 1897 and have been an integral part of schools ever since. Nevada has a strong PTA presence in our schools. This is not the PTA we remember from our youth; they still support schools with fundraisers, but are now advocacy groups to help the school and the district with the goal of increasing parent participation in their child’s education.

The Nevada State PTA has been busy this year, providing public service announcements for our Vegas PBS station, giving more than $40,000 to the clothing closets in our schools and are assisting our schools in so many ways. PTA is a valuable partner in the work we do and we could not ask for a better partner. Visit their site at

Family engagement in a child’s learning is an extremely high indicator of student success in schools. We must all come together to make a difference for Every Student in Every Classroom, Without Exceptions, Without Excuses.