Pat, Personally

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An update on the reorganization of CCSD


On Thursday, we are bringing two action items to the Board of School Trustees to help the Clark County School District comply with Assembly Bill 469, the bill that requires the reorganization of the Clark County School District.

AB 469 requires CCSD to provide more autonomy and flexibility to each school -- and to put more decisions in the hands of people who are closest to students. In an effort to increase the autonomy of schools, CCSD has started a process to transfer some responsibilities to local school precincts for the 2018-19 school year.

How did we go about this work? Over the past few months, we have polled principals three times to ask if they want more control over some services provided centrally.

In total, 10 principals said they wanted to take control over some services - specifically, custodial services and school technology support. Therefore, we decided to propose pilot programs for those principals in the 2018-19 school year. If passed by the Board Thursday, here’s how the pilot programs would work:

  • The District would pilot a program with several schools interested in taking responsibility for their own custodial services. The District would run a request for proposals from companies interested in providing custodial services. Our goal would be to provide those principals with choices of several outside companies they could choose from to provide some or all of their custodial services in 2018-19. We believe we will be able to absorb any custodial positions involved in this pilot process into other positions within CCSD.
  • The District also would pilot a program with several schools interested in taking responsibility for their own school technology support. Those schools would transfer their IT positions to open positions at central services, and they would receive credit for the cost of those positions in their school strategic budget. Then, the schools will buy back services from central when they need technology support. No positions will be eliminated in this pilot program.

These actions are outlined in items 5.01-5.03 on the Oct. 26, 2017 agenda.

The vast majority of our principals tell us they instead want better, more responsive customer service from central services, which we have been working to provide. We value all of our employees, and CCSD believes that these pilots will help show that our own employees can provide the best, most efficient services to schools. Ultimately, it is our goal that each school precinct will choose CCSD services.