Pat, Personally

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Please continue to report any school safety concern

Dear Colleagues,

I know many of us are feeling distressed after last week's tragedy in Florida. I hope our CCSD family supports each other at this time. Below is a ParentLink message sent to all CCSD parents and guardians, and is being provided to you as an update on our school safety efforts.

The Board of School Trustees and I care deeply about your safety. We appreciate that you act as our eyes and ears in our schools and throughout our community. Please continue to report any school safety concerns you have to CCSD Police or your administrator.

Parentlink message sent last week:

This is Capt. Ken Young from the Clark County School District Police Department.

The safety of our students is our top priority. As a result of recent events in Florida, we want to make you aware of some of the measures we have in place to ensure school safety.

First, safety is a team effort, and parents and students are often our best source for reporting suspicious instances or inappropriate behavior.

Anyone who has information to share can contact their school administration and/or local law enforcement agency. You can also report information through the Safe Voice app that you can install on your phone, by visiting, or by calling 833-216-SAFE.

If an incident does occur, our Clark County School District Police officers and school staff members constantly work to keep students safe.

Each school has a crisis response plan that addresses all types of emergencies. Each school has monthly drills to train staff and students for all types of hazards and emergencies.

We encourage all teachers to lock the doors to their classroom at all times, and for schools to have one point of entry to monitor who is on campus. We’re also working to implement new safety features, such as a system that will allow staff members to initiate hard lockdowns for the entire school from their classroom.

Our staff members are required to view training videos annually, and CCSD Police works with other law enforcement and community partners to train for a variety of scenarios.

Each comprehensive high school in the valley has at least one officer assigned to the school. We also have officers who are assigned patrol duties in and around our other schools, and we contract for law enforcement services for our rural schools.

If your child has any safety concerns, please encourage them to reach out to an adult at school or report through the Save Voice app, which does take anonymous tips.

With your assistance, we can work together to keep students safe while providing them with a quality education..