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Audiology Services

Audiology Services
3626 Pecos-McLeod
Las Vegas, NV 89134
702-799-7445 | 702-799-1581

Department Functions

Audiology Services is comprised of audiologists with specific skills in pediatric diagnostic testing, amplification (hearing aids and FM systems), hearing loss prevention, and educational management of children with hearing loss. The audiologists test those students who have been referred by the school nurse or related school specialists. Testing is conducted year round on school-aged children, ages 3 through 21.

The Audiology Department is committed to early and timely identification, treatment, and educational management of students with hearing loss. Children who require hearing aids, classroom accommodations, or special education receive focused attention. The audiologists work as part of a team with regular and special education teachers, parents, school nurses, speech-language pathologists, and the private medical community. The specific goal of each team is to ensure a free and appropriate public education, which includes being able to hear and access academic instruction.