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Charter Schools

Innovations International Charter School of Nevada
Grades: K - 12
1600 East Oakey Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89104
702-216-4337 | 702-216-4353

Innovations International Charter School of Nevada (IICSN) is a public K-12 charter school, serving students from multiple zip codes from the Las Vegas Valley since 2006. IICSN offers an extended 8-hour school day for instruction along with wrap-around services for its highly populated before and after school programs. IICSN has a full day kindergarten and language classes for parents needing assistance in mastering the English language. IICSN offers monthly homework classes to help families understand how to help their children. Innovations has established multiple community partners who actively support the school and its students in a variety of capacities. Its global curriculum offers the students choices for project-based activities to integrate academics with real-world issues and challenges. This curriculum is an intergenerational program that brings all grade levels of students together to integrate the academics learned in the classrooms with peer mentoring and hands-on learning. Instruction at IICSN is aligned with the Common Core Standards and is guided by Highly Qualified staff members who work with parents and family members to communicate the need for individual academic achievement on the part of the students. Testing boot camps and Saturday classes are held to help students who need added assistance in refining academic and test taking skills needed to show academic growth. Student and family events are held throughout the school year with the assistance of the school's Parent Teacher Organization, staff members, teachers, and community partners. These events are always well attended and a welcome addition to our community outreach programs. The school believes in community service and has been presented with the Youth Neighborhood Association Partnership Program grant to provide blankets made by staff and students to community organizations serving children and adults. Finally, IICSN utilizes a formalized martial arts program with high level degree black belt instructors to teach students self-discipline and respect, emulating the three R's, of relevance, responsibility, and relationships.