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Charter Schools

Odyssey Charter Schools
Grades K – 12
950 West 2251 South Jones Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89146
702-257-0578 | 702-259-7793

Odyssey Charter Schools offer  a unique hybrid  approach  to education that provides  the best of  two models:  in-person  instruction and online  learning  for students in grades kindergarten  through 12th grade.  Odyssey Charter Schools are a federally-funded institution that is sponsored by the Clark County School District.  Any school-aged child who resides in the county is eligible to enroll.  Odyssey Charter Schools offer an innovative approach to education, free of charge, to all resident students.

Odyssey Charter Schools are fully accredited as a distance education program by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), the recognized regional accreditation agency for post-secondary institutions in Nevada.

Odyssey Charter Schools have a unique hybrid approach that creates benefits far beyond what students will find at distance-only or traditional classroom schools. A student at Odyssey will experience:

  • The flexibility to complete coursework on his or her own schedule
  • The benefits of more personalized, tailored instruction
  • A dedicated  staff of passionate  teachers who believe in helping  your child  succeed, no matter  what
  • A focused learning  environment free from  the distractions of the traditional  classroom

How does the program work?

K-7 students engage in online learning throughout the week via state-approved curriculum programs. One hour every week, a state licensed teacher visits the student at the student's home or designated location for parent-supervised instruction. During the weekly meeting, the teacher(s) will direct the student's daily assignments and educational learning objectives, review previous week's work, and provide the student with motivating and positive reinforcement.

Eighth grade students enjoy online learning through state-approved curriculum programs, but this instruction is complemented with a four-hour visit to the campus every week for additional study and mentorship, thus preparing them for the similar schedule requirements of our high school program.

High school students participate in online learning throughout the week through a technology-based instructional program designed not only to meet state graduation requirements but to prepare students for post-secondary continued education opportunities. This online instruction is accompanied by a four-hour class session each week for teaching and support from licensed content area instructors. A variety of elective courses, honors courses, and AP courses are available.  Additional support is provided to students throughout the week in person in our student resource center, open five days a week, eight hours a day, or via correspondence with teachers in the online environment.