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Related Services Department

Related Services Department
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Department Overview

Department Functions

The Related Services Departments provide Psychological, Health, Speech and Language, and Occupational and Physical Therapy Services to special education students to identify and support their access to the educational curriculum and environment. See separate program descriptions.

In addition, the Related Service Department coordinates the following activities.

Supplementary Home Services are managed by the Related Services Department. This program is designed for students with chronic illnesses that are likely to result in frequent intermittent absences throughout the school year. Examples of such chronic illnesses include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Hemophilia
  • Chronic Renal Disease
  • Progressive Neuromuscular Disease and other chronic illnesses
  • Crohns Disease and Colitis

Services for elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) are available. When a school indicates a need to provide accommodations/modifications for such a student who is eligible for special education services or accommodations under Section 504, this program may provide supplementary assistance to the student by allowing the student to automatically receive assistance at home after a designated number of days, to facilitate ongoing instruction, and minimize loss of instruction during these periods of absence. Students must have either an IEP with supplementary services addressed as a modification or a Section 504 Accommodation Plan that addresses the supplementary services. A physician must also complete a Medical Referral Form. The School Nurse is the usually the initial referral source for this program.

The Related Services Department coordinates all Health Related Partnerships for the District. Department staff has developed district-wide implementation procedures for Health/Mental Health/Dental Related Partnerships and has established Health Related agreements with outside agencies. The scope of services may include preventative dental programs, school-based health centers, inter-local agreements with health agencies, immunization programs and vision services. All Health Related partnership agreements are approved by the CCSD Board of School Trustees.

In order to assist families of children with a suspected disability in a compliant time frame and develop an efficient referral and evaluation process, the Related Services Department, working with Child Find administration, implemented Outsourced Child Find Teams several years ago to support the District's Child Find responsibility. These teams work in collaboration with the Child Find administration and regular meetings are held to track the status of all referrals.

Twenty-seven Outsourced Child Find Teams are currently providing Child Find after-school assessments to students ages 3 -5 referred for a suspected special education disability. The teams are assigned to all CCSD Performance Zones. Each of these teams include a school psychologist, nurse, special education teacher, regular education teacher, LEA, a speech/language pathologist, and other clinicians as determined necessary. Three of these teams are bilingual, offering assessment in Spanish. All team members participate in training provided by the Related Services Department. Each Team Leader is responsible for coordinating the evaluation process for each child. Appointments are scheduled at the designated school sites, after school hours or on weekends. Once the evaluation is completed and all appropriate data is collected, eligibility for services is determined by the Outsourced Child Find Multidisciplinary Team and an IEP is developed.