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Speech-Language Therapy Services

Speech-Language Therapy Services
3626 Pecos-McLeod
Las Vegas, NV 89121
702-799-7437 | 702-799-8669

Deparment Overview

Department Functions

Speech-Language Therapy Services is comprised of professionals who provide direct, indirect, consultative, classroom-based, and supportive services to students who have been identified as having speech-language impairments (SLI). Additional services are provided to students with other primary disabilities, such as hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, and emotional challenges. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are also assigned to provide direct support to students ages 3-5, who have severe-to-profound phonological delays and/or apraxia. These direct services are provided in Speech Pathology Centers housed at specific elementary schools within the Clark County School District.

Our mission is based upon the premise that each child has the capacity to learn. SLPs address each child’s unique communication needs and maximize learning potential in order that they may become a confident, self-sufficient member of society. SLPs ensure that each child is treated with dignity and respect and is guaranteed a positive learning environment.

SLPs specifically address disabilities in the following areas:

  • Speech Sound System:
    • Articulation: production of specific sounds
    • Phonology: the sound system of language
    • Apraxia: inability to plan motor movements for speech
    • Dysarthria: weakness of the articulators (tongue, lips, teeth)
  • Morphology: word forms
  • Syntax: word order of sentence structure
  • Pragmatics: appropriate use of language to a given situation
  • Voice: hoarseness, harshness, inappropriate pitch, nasality
  • Fluency Disorders: disorders of rhythm (stuttering)
  • Hearing Impairments; which affect the ability to understand or use spoken language
  • Feeding and/or Swallowing: difficulty chewing and swallowing food