Year-Round Watch List

School overcrowding is a major concern in many areas of the Clark County School District (CCSD). Presently there are 61 schools on the “watch list” of overcrowded schools CCSD is closely monitoring to prevent safety concerns and ensure quality instruction.

CCSD is considering various solutions to the overcrowding problem, including the possibility of converting selected schools to a year-round calendar. If a school is on the watch list, it does not necessarily mean that school will move to a year-round schedule. In fact, it will not be necessary to convert all 61 schools on the list to a year-round schedule. The decision about which schools will be converted will be made based on growth patterns in school attendance zones.

If feasible, CCSD is making program adjustments to delay conversions to a year-round calendar and to avoid rezoning whenever possible. The Attendance Zone Advisory Commission (AZAC) makes recommendations on rezoning, and Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky decides which schools will go year-round.

The state does not provide funding to CCSD for new construction and additions to buildings. The funds from the 1998 capital bond passed by taxpayers are mostly spent. Therefore, there are no funds available now to build new schools.

The public is invited to provide input on this subject at Board of School Trustee meetings. Agendas for these meetings are available at and public comment is welcome. The public may contact Superintendent Skorkowsky directly at

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