CCSD - Clark County School District


Distance Education


Attendance Expectations

Students are expected to engage with their schedule of courses and classes on a daily basis. To be counted as present or participating, the students must either:

  1. Complete coursework during the same day the class meets; and/or
  2. Attend a real-time class session; and/or
  3. Meet or communicate with the licensed teacher or substitute about their progress.

Educators will mark the students as present once they complete one or more of the above-mentioned distance education activities.

If a student is not able to complete the activities above, the Infinite Campus portal will mark the student as not present that day with the initials DNP, meaning Distance Education Non-Participation. Students may submit work beyond the hours of the school day on the same instructional day and subsequently be counted as present for the date and course. Educators can remove the DNP code once student participation is verified. Please note that the Infinite Campus portal is updated nightly and may not change the DNP coding until the system runs again the following day.

Following Nevada Revised Statute 392.130, after the third consecutive day of non-attendance, the parents or guardians will be notified via postal mail.

If you have any questions about attendance or DNP notification, please contact your child’s teacher or the school office.