Parents must register all new and returning students to the Clark County School District (CCSD).
Registration is done through the CCSD online registration system. Parents of currently enrolled students may complete online registration using their Infinite Campus Portal account. New families to CCSD may register online at or visit their zoned school. After completing the online registration, parents must bring the required documents to their child’s zoned school to complete the registration process. Parents should contact their zoned school for questions regarding registration.
Visit or call the Demographics and Zoning Office at (702) 799-6430 for information.
Children must meet the following minimum age and entrance requirements on or before Sept. 30, 2018, to be admitted to kindergarten, first, or second grade. (Nevada Revised Statutes - NRS 392.040)
  • Kindergarten students must have attained the age of five years old by Sept. 30 to attend kindergarten.
  • First-grade students must have attained the age of six years old and demonstrate proof of completing kindergarten at a public, state-licensed private, state-exempt private or approved home school program.
  • OR
  • Demonstrate proof of completing kindergarten and promotion to first grade while being a resident of another state in compliance with the age and entrance requirements of that state. Proof must be verified through a report card issued by the last out-of-state public or private kindergarten.
  • Second-grade students must have attained the age of seven years old and demonstrate proof of completing kindergarten and first-grade at a public, state licensed private, state exempt private or approved home school program.
Children who have attained the age of six who do not meet the entrance requirements will be placed in kindergarten.
Children who have attained the age of seven who do not meet the entrance requirements will be assessed to determine if the student is developmentally ready for first-or-second grade.
Children in Nevada between the ages of seven and 18 must be enrolled in and attend school for the entire time school is in session, pursuant to NRS 392.040.
1. Proof of Address One form of proof of address is required. A recent utility bill (telephone and cable bills are not acceptable), current mortgage statement, rental receipt, residential lease agreement, or sales contract are acceptable forms of proof of address.
2. Parent/Guardian Personal Identification A driver’s license, picture identification and/or passport are acceptable forms of personal identification. Permanent and temporary guardians should be prepared to provide proof of guardianship at the time of registration.
3. Proof of Child’s Identity An original birth certificate, passport, or a certified birth card issued by a health district are acceptable documents for proof of child’s identity.
4. Immunization Record NNRS 392.435 Immunization of pupils: Certificate prerequisite to enrollment; conditional enrollment; effect of failure to immunize; report to Health Division; inclusion of certificate in pupil’s record.
Unless excused because of religious belief or medical condition, a child may not be enrolled in a public school within Nevada unless the child has been immunized and has received the proper boosters for that immunization or is complying with the schedules established pursuant to NRS 439.550.
For detailed information concerning immunization requirements for children attending CCSD schools, visit For assistance with obtaining immunizations, parents may contact the Southern Nevada Health District at
(702) 759-0850.
Allergic Reactions
Per state law, all CCSD schools will maintain at least two doses of injectable epinephrine on school premises during the regular school day for use if a student exhibits signs/symptoms of anaphylaxis. For more information, contact the school nurse.
Title I HOPE
The Title I HOPE office provides assistance to families in transitional or temporary living situations such as living in a car, hotel/motel, shelter or multi-family residence due to economic hardship. Families eligible for Title I HOPE services have additional days to obtain the required immunizations and to submit a residential affidavit for proof of address. Title I HOPE may assist in obtaining an original birth certificate if a copy is not available for enrollment purposes. Eligible families may contact Title I HOPE at (702) 855-6682 for more details and assistance, or visit
Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus is the district’s Student Information System, electronic grade book, and parent/guardian and student portal.
Campus Portal
Campus Portal provides access to information to understand, monitor, and participate in the educational process.
A mobile app is also accessible for any Apple iOS or Android device.
For more information about Infinite Campus,
Parents/guardians and students who have a Campus Portal account from the previous school year will continue to use the same username and password. If you do not have an account, please contact your child’s school.
Infinite Campus will provide detailed real-time information including:
  • Class Schedules
  • Student Assignments - To Do List
  • Calendar
  • Student Grades
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Progress
  • Academic Planner
  • District and School Notices
  • Cafeteria Balance
  • Fees
  • Health - Immunizations Only
Registration Began April 11, 2018
Classes Begin August 13, 2018