CCSD - Clark County School District


Distance Education


Roles and Expectations

Defining roles and supports during full-time distance education is essential. Expectations are listed for each stakeholder involved, although this listing may not be all inclusive and may vary by school.Understanding that every family situation is different and that many are also balancing work demands, parents/guardians should contact their school administrator to discuss special accommodations as needed. For a school telephone directory, please visit School telephone directory (PDF).


  • Maintains positive attendance and course progress.
  • Completes assignments and tasks as assigned.
  • Exhibits good study habits.
  • Reaches out to teachers when requiring assistance.
  • Attends daily and weekly required real-time, synchronous sessions or recorded sessions.
  • Participates in any proctored assessments, if applicable.
  • Uses the virtual office hours as posted by teachers to obtain additional support and guidance.


  • Communicates with the child's instructor(s) through virtual office hours.
  • Actively assists the child with their learning and directly participates with students, specifically in early elementary grade levels.
  • Provides support, guidance, and assistance.
  • Fosters a conducive area for learning in the home (such as a quiet space away from distractions).
  • Encourages and recognizes positive gains and achievements.
  • Actively monitors child’s progress in assigned courses.

Licensed Educator

  • Instructs students and provides daily virtual office hours.
  • Participates in collaborative lesson planning and professional learning prior to and during active distance education.
  • Conducts daily and weekly real-time, synchronous session(s) minutes with all students and records the session(s) in Canvas.
  • Arranges for daily communication and follows attendance processes.
  • Works with support professionals assigned to students with disabilities and accommodations.
  • Facilitates resources for students with IEPs or Section 504 Accommodation Plans and ELLs.
  • Contacts parents/guardians, as needed.
  • Attends and participates in all required parent/guardian meetings (i.e., IEP/504, ELL, etc.).
  • Provides emergency substitute plans and instructions as traditionally required.


  • Provides initial and ongoing parent/guardian communication, support, and guidance.
  • Leads master scheduling and provides access to content to support instructors, while considering the instructional needs of all students.
  • Includes schedules for real-time, synchronous sessions and virtual office hours by grade-level and/or content area subject.
  • Facilitates the development and implementation of weekly instructional guides for every student.
  • Monitors Individualized Education Programs (IEP)/Section 504 Accommodation Plans/English Language Learner (ELL) supports to ensure compliance and differentiated learning.
  • Monitors two-way communication efforts between educators and students through Infinite Campus and the LMS.
  • Manages wellness checks and assigns students to wellness teams as needed.
  • Identifies teachers and staff who serve as a team of expert users to increase the “bandwidth” of support for teachers.
  • Observes instruction and provides feedback to licensed educators.