CCSD - Clark County School District


Distance Education


School Organizational Teams

All requirements related to School Organizational Teams (SOTs) are still in effect while schools operate under full-time distance education:

  • Elections must take place in time for new members to be selected by October 1, 2020. Principals will conduct student elections (secondary schools only) and parent/guardian elections at schools without a PTA/PTO.
  • Specific requirements of SOT meetings still apply, although meetings must take place virtually. Guidance related to SOTs is available at School Organizational Teams, including:
  • How to Form SOTs
    • SOT Responsibilities
    • SOT Size and Membership
    • SOT Elections
  • How SOTs Function
    • The First Meeting of the SOT
    • Developing Norms and Procedures
    • Monthly Meetings of the SOT
    • Approval of the Plan of Operation
  • Consensus Building

Agendas and minutes will be posted on the school’s Web site and can be found on School Organizational Teams.