Business Leader and Principal for a Day

Overview and Purpose

Trevor HayesThe School-Community Partnership Program facilitates the annual Business Leader and Principal for a Day to align with the goals of the District's strategic plan, Focus: 2024. Business and community leaders shadow a principal in the morning for four hours on a special day during American Education Week in November each year. After the morning shadowing, principals and community leaders meet at a luncheon to debrief on what they learned, and discuss how they can get more involved in public education. Partnership opportunities are discussed, including how to effectively adopt a school to increase student achievement and decrease chronic absenteeism. Support to schools could also include providing mentors, and investing in curriculum support and training to support standards-based instruction.

Trevor HayesNote: Additionally, a keynote speaker addresses current trends in public education and how the community, including business leaders, can support the local school system. Click here to sign up.