Stay in School Mentoring Project Steps to Mentoring

How to Become a Mentor

Step 1:Mentor Application: Potential mentors will provide information regarding personal history, education, employment, and experience with youth.

Step 2:Personal Interview: Potential mentors will participate in an interview with "A Stay in School" staff member.

Step 3:Background Check: Potential mentors will agree to local and Federal background checks.

Step 4:Training and Orientation: Potential mentors will participate in training/orientation sessions to review important issues, skills, tips, and strategies to promote successful mentoring.

Step 5:Weekly Sessions: Mentoring sessions occur during the school day, on the school campus, for one hour each week.

Step 6:Program Evaluation: Mentors, mentees, parents and teachers complete end of year evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the program.


Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to serve as a mentor for one school year. The commitment will be made during the training session of the process. Regardless of when the volunteer begins mentoring, a commitment must be made to mentor the assigned student during remaining school year.

Age Requirements

Volunteers should be at least 25 years of age to participate in the Stay in School Mentoring Project. However, volunteers less than 25 years of age that possess maturity and shareable life experiences will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Program Manager at 702-799-6560.