Change is happening at CCSD through the Mobile Device Initiatives. The Clark County School District’s mission states “Students will have knowledge, skills, attitudes and ethics necessary to succeed academically and will practice responsible citizenship.” Among other knowledge, skills, and attitudes, this mission statement refers to a student’s ability to maximize the use of personal technology devices and relevant technologies to: acquire, share, evaluate and create digital information, achieve media and technology literacy, and maintain a safe and ethical online environment.

Clark County School District

An integral part of the Clark County School District’s vision is to increase the number of students in the Clark County School District that are engaged in high-quality blended and online learning opportunities. The Title 1 One-to-One Mobile Learning e3: Engage, Empower, Explore Project is a cooperative effort that will bring together CCSD students, teachers, and administrators with cutting edge technology and support, while at the same time ensuring they have received all of the components for a successful implementation of a student centered solution. Additionally, it is expected that this effort will provide all involved with important information on the viability and instructional effectiveness of the 21st Century technologies.

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Students will have knowledge, skills, attitudes, and ethics necessary to succeed academically and will practice responsible citizenship.

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In collaboration with and following the input from parents, teachers, principals, and District leadership, the Clark County School District Policy 5136, Personal Communication Devices, has been modified to allow the use of personal technology and communication devices during instructional time with the approval of the building principal. This Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) policy includes cell phones, laptops, tablet computers or other similar electronic devices.

With principal and classroom teacher approval, students may use their own devices in the classroom to access, examine, and save information from the Internet, communicate with other learners, and use productivity tools to complete assignments, create projects or take assessments. By providing an opportunity to learn the responsible, ethical, and appropriate use of these personal devices, our students will be knowledgeable about the risks and rewards of having so much information at their fingertips. These skills are critical for students in order to remain competitive with their peers in the global marketplace.

The Clark County School District in collaboration with the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, and local businesses has partnered to establish Wi-Fi Partners and create a Free Wi-Fi Directory for students. This online directory provides a list and interactive map of free Wi-Fi hotspots available for student use, sponsored by organizations and businesses in the Greater Las Vegas area.

If you are a business owner or manager and would like to provide internet access to CCSD students and their families, please visit this link to add your business to our Wi-Fi Directory and map. We will send you a 5 x 7 "CCSD BYOD Wi-Fi Partner" window cling and sticker (similar to the graphic shown) to display in a prominent location at your business.

Wi-Fi Partner FAQ

Q. Will the internet available at these locations be filtered like it is at school?

A. Private Businesses do not provide the same filtered internet access that the Clark County School District does so access to inappropriate sites may be possible.

Wi-Fi Partner Locations
View a list of Wi-Fi partner locations
Microsoft Student Advantage program

The Microsoft Student Advantage program is available for free to all CCSD students who have Active Directory credentials (AD login). This program provides students with the most current version of the Microsoft Office Suite for download on up to 5 devices using the following operating systems: Windows, iOS and Android. Students who are interested can either talk to their school personnel or click here for the online tutorial.

Tutorial for Downloading Office 365 on a PC

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