CCSD - Clark County School District


Distance Education


Introduction to the Approved Reopening
Our Schools Plan

Four principles have continuously guided the development of the Clark County School District Reopening Our Schools Plan.

The Board of School Trustees voted on July 21, 2020, to reopen schools in a full-time distance education model:

  • Schools will open for the 2020-2021 school year in a full-time distance education instructional model.
    • Updates related to health and wellness will be provided to the Board of School Trustees at regular intervals to inform an eventual transition to hybrid learning or face-to-face instruction.
  • Middle school schedules will operate on a semester-based instructional model, offering students four courses that will be completed in one semester (instead of over the course of a full year).
  • High school schedules will operate on a traditional year-long course instructional model, with principals having the discretion to determine the number of six to eight courses.

Transitioning Between Multiple Potential Reopening Scenarios

The District is prepared to transition between multiple potential reopening scenarios, including full-time distance education for all students, in-person instruction following social distancing protocols, and hybrid learning.

The decision to transition from one scenario to another within the Reopening Our Schools Plan will continue to be guided by public health conditions, school staffing scenarios, and additional relevant information. The Superintendent and Board of School Trustees will determine the scenario that the District will support at any given time.

Should the decision be made to transition to hybrid learning or face-to-face instruction for all students at a future date, additional guidance will be provided.