Policy 5139 Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion

Purpose of the Anti- Racism Policy

The Clark County School District (District) rejects all forms of racism. This policy ensures that incidents of discrimination based on race are prohibited. The District encourages all employees, students, and parents/guardians to reflect upon and take appropriate action when they are aware of racially motivated incidents, racial discrimination, and racial aggression. The importance of this policy acknowledges the negative impact experienced by individuals, the District, and society as a result of racial discrimination and racism.

Accountability in the Clark County School District

The District will hold staff and students accountable and align all adult behavior to a renewed culture of high expectations for all students throughout the District and the expectation of an Anti-Racism culture. The District shall ensure the provisions of Policy 5137, Safe and Respectful Learning Environment: Discrimination Based on Race, Bullying, and Cyberbullying (PDF) are complied with as required.

Policy 5139 Anti- Racism, Equity, and Inclusion (PDF)