Trustee-District C

Brenda Zamora


Brenda Zamora is a passionate advocate for education and equity elected to the CCSD Board of Trustees in November 2022. She represents District D, the largest and most diverse district in CCSD, where she is dedicated to improving the lives of students, teachers, support staff, and administration staff.

As a product of CCSD herself, Brenda understands firsthand the challenges that students and families face in the district. She graduated from Mojave High School in 2011 and attended Nevada State College with aspirations of becoming a teacher. However, as a single mother of two children, one with life-threatening medical conditions, she had to put her dreams of becoming a teacher on hold to care for her family.

Today, Brenda's two oldest children attend CCSD, and her youngest will soon follow. She has also dealt with the challenges of obtaining services for her daughter with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), giving her insight into many families' struggles. Brenda is committed to making these services more accessible and assisting families with IEPs.

As a Communications Coordinator in the non-profit sector, Brenda advocates for equal and fair access to elections and works to bring resources to families in low-income households. She is a dedicated advocate who believes that every voice counts and education is the key to creating a better future for all. Brenda's passion for education and her commitment to equity make her a strong voice for District D and CCSD.


School Level District Municipality
Smith, J. D. MS MS D NLV
Robison, Dell H. MS MS D LV
O'Callaghan, Mike MS i3 Learn Academy MS D CC
Petersen, Dean ES ES D CC
Rancho HS HS D LV
Eldorado HS HS D CC
Las Vegas Academy of the Arts HS D LV
Lunt, Robert ES ES D LV
Martinez, Reynaldo L. ES ES D NLV
King, Jr., Martin Luther ES ES D CC
Hewetson, Halle ES ES D LV
Park, John S. ES ES D LV
Sunrise Acres ES ES D LV
Rundle, Richard J. ES ES D CC
Long, Walter V. ES ES D CC
Gragson, Oran K. ES ES D LV
Lynch, Ann ES ES D CC
Wengert, Cyril ES ES D CC
Fremont, John C. Professional Development MS MS D LV
Martin, Roy W. MS MS D LV
Cambeiro, Arturo ES ES D LV
Keller, Duane D. MS MS D CC
Cortez, Manuel J. ES ES D CC
Moore, William K. ES ES D LV
Herr, Helen ES ES D CC
Monaco, Mario C. and JoAnne MS MS D CC
Brookman, Eileen B. ES ES D CC
Miller, Sandy Searles ES Academy for International Studies ES D CC
Squires, C. P. ES ES D NLV
Herron, Fay ES ES D NLV
Lincoln ES ES D NLV
McCall, Quannah ES ES D NLV
Edwards, Elbert B. ES ES D LV
Cahlan, Marion ES ES D NLV
Ronnow, C. C. ES ES D LV
Tate, Myrtle ES ES D CC
Jeffers, Jay W. ES ES D CC
Bailey, Dr. William H. "Bob" MS MS D CC
Lake, Robert E. ES ES D CC
Thomas, Ruby S. ES ES D CC
Beckley, Will ES ES D CC
Knudson, K. O. Academy of the Arts MS D LV
Orr, William E. MS MS D CC
Valley HS HS D CC
Desert Pines HS HS D LV
Variety School SSD D LV
Child Haven CCEU D LV
Clark County Detention Ctr CCEU D LV
Juvenile Detention 6–12 CCEU D LV
Miley Achievement Center SSD D LV
Earl, Ira J. ES ES D LV
Hickey, Liliam Lujan ES ES D CC
Juvenile Detention 3–5 CCEU D LV
Diaz, Ruben P. ES ES D CC
Bracken, Walter ES ES D LV
Crestwood ES ES D LV
Adult Education Programs CCEU D LV
Stewart, Helen J. SSD D CC
Keller, Charlotte and Jerry ES ES D CC
Global Community HS HS D LV
Sunrise Mountain HS HS D CC
Paradise Professional Development ES ES D CC
Heard, Lomie G. ES ES D CC
Hollingsworth, Howard ES STEAM Academy ES D LV
Adams, Kirk L. ES ES D CC
Mountain View ES ES D CC
Von Tobel, Ed MS MS D CC
Snyder, William E. ES ES D CC
Bridger, Jim MS MS D NLV
Stanford ES ES D CC
Morris Sunset East HS ESD D LV
Williams, Tom ES ES D NLV
Mission HS HS D LV
Central Technical Training Academy HS D LV