Trustee Satory

Lisa Satory


Lisa Satory was appointed to the Board of Trustees on January 2, 2024, as a non-voting trustee representing Unincorporated Clark County. She is originally from Texas but has been proud to call Southern Nevada her home since 1999. Lisa is passionate about education and believes in developing a positive school culture for teachers and students. She feels that every teacher should be supported and championed by their school leaders and that students should love coming to school every day. She values the importance of building relationships with students and families. Lisa is an advocate for empowering all members of the school community to come together to transform learning environments for the improvement of education in the state of Nevada.

Lisa Satory is excited about the opportunity to utilize her extensive background in education to support the Clark County School District. She is currently the Principal of the Pinecrest Academy of Nevada, Sloan Canyon campus, a K-12 public charter school with over 2400 students. She served for five years as the Lead Principal of Pinecrest Academy of Nevada, the highest-performing charter school in Nevada. She served as the Principal of Pinecrest Horizon, a K-8 campus for three years. Previously in her career, she was an Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, Educational Computing Specialist, and teacher in the Clark County School District.

Lisa Satory is active on numerous education boards in Nevada. She is a member of the Henderson Community Education Advisory Board, the Secretary of the Mater Academy of Nevada Board, serves on the Pinecrest Foundation Board, is Vice President of the Pinecrest Conservatory Board, and was previously the Secretary/Treasurer for the Nevada Association of School Administrators Board. She has had the opportunity to present at numerous conferences nationwide on innovative practices in education. Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on K-8 Education from Texas A&M University and two Master's degrees, one in Educational Administration from Western Governors University and one in Educational Technology from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is also pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education.

Lisa is a very active person and enjoys long-distance running, cycling, and weightlifting in her free time. She is an outgoing and adventurous individual who loves animals and trying new things, especially unusual food. She is a proud wife to David Satory, a CCSD teacher, for over 20 years and a mother to five wonderful school-age children.


School Level District Municipality
Goolsby, Judy and John L. ES ES E CC
O'Callaghan, Mike MS i3 Learn Academy MS D CC
Frias, Charles and Phyllis ES ES F CC
Petersen, Dean ES ES D CC
Eldorado HS HS D CC
Bass, John C. ES ES A CC
Ober, D'Vorre and Hal ES ES E CC
King, Jr., Martin Luther ES ES D CC
Dearing, Laura ES ES G CC
Rundle, Richard J. ES ES D CC
Long, Walter V. ES ES D CC
Mendoza, John F. ES ES G CC
Lynch, Ann ES ES D CC
Lundy, Earl B. ES ES B CC
Wengert, Cyril ES ES D CC
French, Doris ES ES G CC
Allen, Dean LaMar ES ES B CC
Goldfarb, Daniel ES ES G CC
Keller, Duane D. MS MS D CC
Cartwright, Roberta C. ES ES A CC
Las Vegas HS HS G CC
Bowler, Sr., Joseph L. ES ES B CC
Cortez, Manuel J. ES ES D CC
Smith, Hal ES ES G CC
Herr, Helen ES ES D CC
Dailey, Jack ES ES G CC
Leavitt, Justice Myron E. MS MS C CC
Monaco, Mario C. and JoAnne MS MS D CC
Schofield, Jack Lund MS MS G CC
Darnell, Marshall C. ES ES B CC
Brookman, Eileen B. ES ES D CC
Iverson, Mervin R. ES ES G CC
Miller, Sandy Searles ES Academy for International Studies ES D CC
Harney, Kathleen and Tim MS MS G CC
Fertitta, Victoria MS MS E CC
Rogers, Lucille S. ES ES F CC
Cox, Clyde C. ES ES C CC
Decker, C. H. ES ES F CC
Tate, Myrtle ES ES D CC
Canarelli, Lawrence and Heidi MS MS F CC
Kim, Frank ES ES F CC
Sandy Valley ES ES F CC
Indian Springs HS HS B CC
Lyon, W. Mack MS MS B CC
Silverado HS HS A CC
Moapa Valley HS HS B CC
Laughlin HS HS A CC
Thiriot, Joseph E. ES ES F CC
Hummel, John R. ES ES A CC
Tanaka, Wayne N. ES ES F CC
Jeffers, Jay W. ES ES D CC
Ries, Aldeane Comito ES ES F CC
Wright, William V. ES ES F CC
Steele, Judith D. ES ES F CC
Schorr, Steve ES ES A CC
Bailey, Dr. William H. "Bob" MS MS D CC
Mack, Jerome D. MS MS G CC
Saville, Anthony MS MS B CC
Del Sol Academy of the Performing Arts HS G CC
Gray, R. Guild ES ES F CC
Lowman, Mary and Zel ES ES B CC
Guinn, Kenny C. MS MS F CC
Bendorf, Patricia A. ES ES E CC
Beatty, John R. ES ES G CC
Spring Valley HS HS F CC
Earl, Marion B. ES ES F CC
Miller, John F. SSD G CC
Ullom, J. M. ES ES G CC
Lake, Robert E. ES ES D CC
Thomas, Ruby S. ES ES D CC
Dondero, Harvey N. ES ES F CC
Beckley, Will ES ES D CC
Ferron, William E. ES ES G CC
Ward, Gene ES ES G CC
Harmon, Harley ES ES G CC
Harris, George E. ES ES G CC
Diskin, Pat A. ES ES F CC
Orr, William E. MS MS D CC
Woodbury, C. W. MS MS G CC
Silvestri, Charles A. JHS MS A CC
Cannon, Helen C. JHS MS G CC
Cortney, Francis H. JHS MS G CC
Lawrence, Clifford J. JHS MS E CC
Valley HS HS D CC
Chaparral HS HS G CC
Durango HS HS F CC
Cunningham, Cynthia ES ES G CC
Centennial HS HS B CC
Indian Springs MS MS B CC
High Desert State Prison Youthful Offender Program CCEU B CC
Spring Mountain J/SHS CCEU B CC
Bennett, William G. ES ES A CC
Blue Diamond ES ES F CC
Bowler, Grant ES ES B CC
Whitney ES ES G CC
Barber, Shirley A. ES ES A CC
Alamo, Tony ES ES F CC
Hickey, Liliam Lujan ES ES D CC
High Desert State Prison Adult HS CCEU B CC
Southern Desert Correctional Center (including Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp) CCEU B CC
Fine, Mark L. ES ES F CC
Bailey, Sister Robert Joseph ES ES G CC
Faiss, Wilbur and Theresa MS MS E CC
East Career and Technical Academy HS G CC
O’Roarke, Thomas J. ES ES B CC
Diaz, Ruben P. ES ES D CC
Reedom, Carolyn S. ES ES F CC
Stuckey, Evelyn ES ES F CC
Indian Springs ES ES B CC
Gehring, Roger D. ES Academy of Science and Technology ES A CC
Gehring, Roger D. ES Academy of Science and Technology ES A CC
Forbuss, Robert L. ES ES F CC
Roundy, Dr. C. Owen ES ES F CC
West Career and Technical Academy HS E CC
Jean Conservation Camp Adult HS CCEU F CC
Bryan, Roger M. ES ES E CC
Southeast Career and Technical Academy HS G CC
Wynn, Elaine ES ES F CC
Stewart, Helen J. SSD D CC
Keller, Charlotte and Jerry ES ES D CC
South Academic Center ESD F CC
Batterman, Kathy L. ES ES E CC
Southwest Career and Technical Academy HS F CC
Sunrise Mountain HS HS D CC
Sawyer, Grant MS MS F CC
Paradise Professional Development ES ES D CC
Jones Blackhurst, Jan ES ES F CC
Wiener, Jr., Louis ES ES G CC
Jydstrup, Helen M. ES ES F CC
Heard, Lomie G. ES ES D CC
Berkley, Shelley ES ES E CC
Sandy Valley HS HS F CC
Adams, Kirk L. ES ES D CC
Summit View Youth Center CCEU B CC
Mathis, Dr. Beverly S. ES ES F CC
Mountain View ES ES D CC
Hill, Charlotte ES ES G CC
Laughlin JHS MS/HS A CC
Von Tobel, Ed MS MS D CC
Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD ES/MS G CC
Cashman, James MS MS F CC
Tomiyasu, Bill Y. ES ES G CC
Hayes, Keith C. and Karen W. ES ES E CC
Snyder, William E. ES ES D CC
Tarkanian, Lois and Jerry MS MS F CC
Manch, J. E. ES ES B CC
Rowe, Lewis E. ES ES G CC
Stanford ES ES D CC
Goodsprings ES ES F CC
Burk Horizon ESD F CC
Sierra Vista HS HS F CC
Woolley, Gwendolyn ES ES C CC
Desert Oasis HS HS F CC
Ortwein, Dennis ES ES F CC
Snyder, Don and Dee ES ES F CC
Thompson, Tyrone ES ES F CC
Gunderson, Barry and June MS MS F CC
Abston, Sandra B. ES ES E CC
Sandy Valley MS MS F CC