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More than 100 privately owned postsecondary schools are licensed by the State of Nevada. The trade/training schools are short term programs with immediate placement in the workforce as the goal. Many of these licensed schools are also accredited by regional and/or national accrediting associations. A school does not have to be accredited to operate in Nevada as long as the school has met all the state requirements for licensing. A school cannot operate without a state license. Accredited schools have access to Federal funding and can offer Federal loans and grants. Non-accredited schools often create their own form of financial aid for qualified students. For more information, visit


There are many advantages of military service. Immediate benefits include educational and/or career training through graduate degrees, opportunity to become a commissioned officer through college ROTC or military academies, travel, specific guaranteed training upon entry, a community with a variety of attractions, free medical and dental care, lower cost commissary and post exchange service, guaranteed pay, promotion opportunities, access to a cadre of trained consultants and counselors, and free legal assistance. Long-term benefits may include the new G.I. Bill awards, scholarships and fellowships, pay bonuses, 30-day paid vacations every year, development of leisure-time skills, certain housing, medical, and educational services for families, low-cost life insurance, FHA loans, lifetime retirement benefits after 20 years of service, and job retention rights over all nonveteran federal workers.


Please see the following link for an upcoming event hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard Academy:

USCGA Admissions Workshop - January 2016