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Recommendations for Homecoming Parades

Risk Management recognizes that Homecoming activities are an integral part of student body spirit and cohesion and for students, participation in parades is a long standing tradition. This school year, we will be testing a pilot insurance program and will be waiving premium payments for all reported Homecoming parades.

Homecoming Parades are considered a Hazard Class 1; which would normally not require notification to Risk Management. However, completion of the CCF-798 (Request for Approval of School Organized Trip/Event for Students) will assist our department in documenting the parade activities.

If you are required to submit proof of insurance to an outside agency for the Homecoming parade, you can submit a request on our Request for Proof of Insurance form.

Use of non-owned CCSD vehicles during the parade increases the risk exposure for the District. In an effort to protect the District, as well as the participants, Risk Management has created some recommendations for Homecoming parades to assist school administrators.

General Recommendations:

  • For the safety of parade participants and the general public, vehicles larger than a private passenger van, pick-up, or SUV used in the parade may be denied at the site administrator’s discretion.
  • Any participant not following general safety guidelines should be denied further participation in the parade.
  • Walking participants should be a safe distance away from all motorized vehicles.
  • Parade participants should not be allowed to sit on the trunk lid, hood, or rear bed of a vehicle. Riders should be seated in the vehicle in such a manner that any rapid changes in speed or direction will not cause the riders to fall from the vehicle. Riders should not have their legs dangling from the sides of a vehicle.
  • Drivers of all vehicles in the parade should be licensed adults over the age of twenty. The owner of the vehicle used in the parade should have proof of insurance covering the vehicle being used. Risk and Environmental Services reserves the right to review insurance coverage for any vehicle or trailer used in the parade, should an incident occur.
  • Animals should not be used to pull floats, carts, or other transportation devices.
  • Caution should be used when vehicles are driven on and around the running tracks. Applying plywood across the running track will decrease damage caused when crossing over the track. Ensure that all drivers are aware that sudden changes in direction or speed can cause unnecessary damage. Damages due to vehicles driven on the running track will be the responsibility of the site.
  • Any incidents/accidents should be treated promptly and reported to Risk Management on the next business day.
  • A Participation Permission Slip obtained for all students who participate in the parade is suggested. For assistance, contact our Insurance Services Manager at 702-799-6496 x5642.