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Employee Onboarding and Development Department

The Employee Onboarding and Development (EOD) department is centered on the idea — that as a larger collective, we can all “be greater together.” But we are more than just a great idea. We are a collaborative team organizing opportunities for new teachers to become greater. EOD provides support using innovative and creative delivery models to cultivate you.

We wear many hats here at EOD, but our most important role is to support you, the new teacher... and everyone that supports you on site, such as your mentor, AND the phenomenal teacher leaders who serve as an extension of our team.
Teaching is thrilling and, let’s face it, challenging. Our goal is to celebrate with you on the good days and support you on the bad. While we are serious about education, we’re also passionate about making teaching and learning fun.
EOD provides:
Opportunities to fuel your ideas and work collaboratively
Events to spark action and community
Support to pursue what’s next (even if you don’t know what that is yet)
Courage to embrace your potential, take risks, and show up