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1212 E Oakey Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89104
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Phone: (702) 799-7449
Fax: (702) 799-1533

Department of Student Threat Evaluation & Crisis Response

DOSTECR’s Mission

“To enhance the safe and healthy development of students and their families by developing a comprehensive, sustainable system of prevention, assessment, intervention, treatment, programs and crisis response.”

DOSTECR is department made of licensed counselors and psychologists that assesses and manages crisis and threat situations that occur in Clark County School District. DOSTECR prescribes to the Secret Service Model. This department offers the following services to Clark County School District Schools:

  • Threat Assessment: Assess, intervene and manage threat of lethal violence made by a student
  • Suicide Ideation Assessment: Assess and intervene if suicidal ideation is exhibited by a student
  • Postvention Support: assisting the school in returning to normal after the death of a student, staff member, or a prominent community person
  • Critical Event Response: assist in lockdown or evacuation procedures if a critical event occurs
  • Critical Event Preparedness Support and Instruction: guide and assist schools with being prepared with critical event management procedures