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department avatarAssessment, Accountability, Research & School Improvement

School Improvement

Position Name Phone Ext
Coordinator III Apryl Black 702-799-1041 5972
Administrative Clerk Tama Bair 702-799-1041 5987
Project Facilitator Jonna Noe 702-799-1041 5946
Project Facilitator Tiffany Shively-Busse 702-799-1041 5943
Project Facilitator Nicole Whitaker 702-799-1041 5950
Project Facilitator Katie Golec 702-799-1041 5944
Project Facilitator Mark Hammill 702-799-1041 5266
Project Facilitator Rene' Etheridge 702-799-1041 5266
Project Facilitator Heather McEnulty 702-799-1041 5961

About School Improvement (SI)

The goal of the School Improvement Department is to give Assistant Chiefs and schools direct support for all school improvement needs.  The School Improvement Department strives to save schools time by streamlining and automating processes and requirements from the Nevada Department of Education.  School Improvement listens to voices in the field to better support schools’ needs, and we provide transparency and consistent messaging of federal and state requirements with clearly defined expectations.  We connect schools with other departments and divisions to access the expertise and resources needed to support student achievement.  We provide Assistant Chiefs and schools direct support for school improvement planning and monitoring needs.

School Performance Plan Updates

The links below will lead you through the changes in the SPP for the 2014-15 school year.

2014-2015 School Performance Plan Updates - Elementary

2014-2015 School Performance Plan Updates - Middle School