Beginning of School Information

In compliance with Senate Bill 214, Section 17, passed during the 2005 Nevada Legislative session, the Nevada Code of Honor and the Educational Involvement Accord, must be used by all CCSD schools beginning with the 2006-2007 school year.

These two forms, along with the materials listed below, are required to be distributed to each student's parent(s) or guardian(s) at the beginning of each school year or upon a student's enrollment in the class, as applicable. In June 2006, this information was sent to school administrators via email.

  • Information describing how the parent or legal guardian may contact the pupil's teacher and the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled
  • The curriculum of the course or standards for the grade in which the pupil is enrolled, as applicable, including, without limitation, a calendar that indicates the dates of major examinations and the due dates of significant projects, if those dates are known by the teacher at the time that the information is distributed
  • The homework and grading policies of the pupil's teacher or school
  • Directions for finding resource materials for the course or grade in which the pupil is enrolled, as applicable
  • Suggestions for parents and legal guardians to assist pupils in their schoolwork at home
  • The dates of scheduled conferences between teachers or administrators and the parents or legal guardians of the pupil
  • The manner in which reports of the pupil's progress will be delivered to the parent or legal guardian and how a parent or legal guardian may request a report of progress
  • The classroom rules and policies
  • The dress code of the school, if any
  • The availability of assistance to parents who have limited proficiency in the English language
  • Information describing the availability of free and reduced-price meals, including, without limitation, information regarding school breakfast, school lunch, and summer meal programs
  • Opportunities for parents and legal guardians to become involved in the education of their children and to volunteer for the school or class
  • The code of honor relating to cheating prescribed pursuant to NRS 392.461

Many of the items listed above are currently distributed by schools through newsletters, student handbooks, letters to parents, school websites, etc. Please note, the teacher must provide the parent or legal guardian with a reasonable opportunity to sign the Educational Involvement Accord. It was suggested by some principals that the Educational Involvement Accord distributed by secondary schools be signed, distributed, and filed by either the homeroom teachers (if applicable) or the assigned counselors. Additional guidelines regarding the implementation of these requirements are available on the Nevada Department of Education.