Get Involved

get-involvedEach person holds the power to make a positive impact on education in Clark County. Education ties to social and economic development, so do your part to build a strong community. Join one of the efforts listed below - and Watch Us Grow!

Help a student to graduate through encouragement of his or her academic efforts and goals.

Volunteer, partner with schools, or share your education and career to experience through CCSD's School-Community Partnership Program make a difference in the lives of students.

Supplies beyond the basics help to enrich learning experiences, and items can be donated directly to the schools through the Support a School program.

For just one hour per week for 12 weeks, now through April, you can read with two students and support a skill that is fundamental in the classroom and beyond. An orientation is provided.

Teachers thrive with creative resources, and you can help in various ways through the Teacher EXCHANGE™

mentoringWhether volunteering regularly or occasionally and whether helping with general office work or specialized programs, you can strengthen our schools through the Public Education Foundation.

Your voice counts. Attend a meeting of the CCSD Board of Trustees, ask about serving on a board committee or participate in your trustee's parent meetings.