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School Lunch Prices

School Lunches Offer More For Your Money, Compare and See!

School Lunch Price Price Restaurant
Chicken Nugget Meal
5 pc. Chicken Nuggets
Crispy Tater Tots
Baby Carrots w/ Ranch
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
8 oz. 1% Milk
$2.00* $3.75 Mc Nugget Happy Meal
4 pc. Chicken Nuggets
Small French Fries
8 oz. 1% Milk
Low-Fat Cheese Pizza Slice
Tossed Green Salad w/ Dressing
Fresh Whole Orange
Whole Fruit Cherry Turnover
8 oz. 1% Milk
$3.25** $5.99 Special
Pepperoni Pizza Slice
Side Salad
16 oz. Soda

* Regular price elementary lunch
** Regular price secondary lunch

Not only does our school lunch offer a nutritious, well rounded lunch at a lower price, it's lower in fat and higher in the nutrients a growing child needs. The average school lunch costs $2.08, according to the School Nutrition Association. A sack lunch from home, on average, costs $3.45 to prepare. As you can see in the comparison above, restaurants charge twice as much, or more, than meals purchased in our schools.

In these economic times, many parents are searching for ways to provide nutritious meals for their children and save money. Buying school lunch is a great way for your child to have a healthy meal, save you the trouble of packing a lunch , and save money at the same time!

At Clark County School District we are always striving to improve our menus for our students. Meals served under the National School Lunch Program must meet federal guidelines based on teh dietary guidelines for Americans. They also must be the criteria of our Clark County Wellness Policy. No more than 30% of the calories may come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat. Sodium, cholesterol, and added sugar are also limited. School lunches must provide one third of the recommended dietary allowances for protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, fiber, calcium, and calories.

Studies show students who eat school lunches consume less from fat and that school lunches contain twice as much fruit and vegetables than those lunches brought from home. Check out our menus on our CCSD website to find easy, healthy, economical way to improve your child's nutrition.

For a full description of the different types of meals served at schools, please see the Programs page.