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department avatarOffice of the Board of School Trustees

Internal Audit Department

Organizational Chart


Position Name Phone Ext
Director Janette R. Scott, CIA, CFE 799-6360 x 5070
Auditor David Boley, CPA, CFE 799-6360 x 5072
Auditor Joe D’Alessio 799-6360 x 5076
Auditor Eva Decker-Polansky, CPA, CFE 799-6360 x 5075
Auditor Brian Frey, CIA 799-6360 x 5074
Auditor Larry Herdzina, CPA 799-6360 x 5079
Auditor Nora Lonnquist, CIA, CPA 799-6360 x 5078
Auditor Birdie Nickels 799-6360 x 5077
Auditor Eric Winchell, CPA, CFE 799-6360 x 5073
Auditor-Construction Walden Galaza, CPA 799-6360 x 5085
Auditor-Construction Kaye (Clifford) Luk, CPA 799-6360 x 5086