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CCSD is proud to be an open book! We welcome our community to take a look at what it takes to keep the nation's fifth-largest school district running. Change is underway at CCSD. We've asked everyone to be more accountable - from teachers, to facility workers and administrators. We've asked all of our employees to do more with less and eliminate waste. Accountability starts at the top.

Making our budget information easily accessible to the public tells the taxpayers: we are accountable to you. Funds are dwindling at the same time that expectations are rising. The challenge is to do more with less and we are up to that challenge. Smarter investing means resources can target serious challenges like overcrowding. Come on in and take a look around, visit the "suggestion book" to submit your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

This site complements the preexisting annual budget reports and comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR)

Departmental Analysis

This tool displays, in an interactive fashion, CCSD's budgeted appropriations and staff positions by department.

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Budget Comparison

This tool displays CCSD's budgeted appropriations and staff positions by major functional area.

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Food Services Analysis

This tool displays, in an interactive fashion, CCSD’s budgeted appropriations and staff positions for the Food Services department.

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Title VII Grant

This tool displays, in an interactive fashion, the grant’s fiscal year 2015 budget and expenses.

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Johnson O'Malley Program

This tool displays, in an interactive fashion, the program's budget and expenses for fiscal years 2012 - 2015.

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Despite hundreds of millions of dollars in state budget cuts over the past few years, the Clark County School District has resolved to raise the academic bar and improve graduation rates. We are already seeing positive signs. I am hopeful that the district’s new website can help leaders in Nevada better understand how we fund education and where we can best use our resources to increase student achievement. I applaud the Clark County School District for its commitment to transparency.

— Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

The United Way invests significant resources into Clark County schools to make a difference in the lives of the students. It's encouraging that the District is opening their books so the community can be an informed part of the conversation about how our schools are funded. Transparency in government is imperative, especially here in Clark County where so many students are struggling in the face of the economic downturn. We are pleased that the new leadership at CCSD is focusing on improvement and progress, showing everyone the tough choices that are being made in the face of higher expectations for kids.

— Cass Palmer, President & CEO, United Way of Southern Nevada

It is not often parents and community members get an opportunity to see exactly how their tax dollars are being put to work for students. We wish every school district in the country were as focused on fiscal transparency as Clark County. If so, we would be leap years ahead in understanding how we can better leverage funding to support student learning. Transparency only matters, however, if the data are used to help us better understand what students are gaining from the financial decisions made by school leaders. We hope CCSD will continue in its efforts to be good financial stewards of taxpayer dollars by linking spending to student outcomes data. We think this portal offers an excellent way to empower parents and we all agree that increasing parental involvement in the education of children is key to building stronger schools.

— Lea Crusey, Nevada State Director and Rebecca Sibilia, Vice-President of Fiscal Strategy, StudentsFirst

CCSD Budget Transparency Infographic

The open book portal is a work in progress. District staff are already working on expanding the information provided. We encourage visitors to share feedback and suggestions though the suggestion book feature.
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