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The goals of the CCSD Student Information System (SIS) Implementation Project are to implement Infinite Campus as the new SIS to replace SASI, reduce the number of redundant student data systems and silos, apply data governance practices to improve the accessibility, quality, reliability and timeliness of student data, and to build an enterprise architecture of highly digitized and integrated business processes for all stakeholders.


"Let's Get Started" poster

Required Training for Teachers started on May 1, 2014. Affected groups include:

  • Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Special Education Facilitators
  • Psychologists

Campus Essentials. Register in Pathlore (use Online Content search keyword Campus). This Pathlore online course is a pre-requisite for (2) below.
Canvas.  A CCSD learning management system designed to deliver online content to students and employees. The Infinite Campus for Teachers class has been released as the primary learning curriculum for all teachers. Click here for instructions on how to access the Infinite Campus for Teachers class.

Campus Learning. An Infinite Campus resource provided to all CCSD users that delivers appropriate content to each individual based on their security access (role). For example, a person performing the duties of a Registrar would have specific lessons on census, enrollment, and so on. A Dean, however, may only have lessons on Behavior and Attendance. Each individualized curriculum is based on specific defined user group rights. At this time, all Campus Learning content for teachers is to be considered supplemental.

The first time a user logs into either Campus Learning or Campus Community from the Campus application, they are asked to create a username and password.  Once this is done, they can access Campus Learning at and Campus Community at


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