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Meal Programs

Breakfast Service

Elementary Schools

Students can choose from three breakfast entrees daily. They can include hot items such as waffles, breakfast pizza, french toast, egg and cheese burrito, pancakes, and pigs in a blanket. Cold items offered are homemade cinnamon rolls, reduced fat muffins and cereal. Milk, juice, fruit, yogurt, or string cheese are offered as side dishes.

Secondary Schools

Grab 'n Go Breakfast is now offered every morning in the Secondary schools. Each breakfast includes milk, juice, and fruit in a bag. Students can choose from three breakfast entrees daily: sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich, french toast, and homemade cinnamon rolls.

Lunch Service

Meals served under the National School Lunch Program must meet federal guidelines for Americans. They also must meet the criteria of our Clark County Wellness Policy. No more than 30% of the calories may come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat. Sodium, cholesterol and added sugar are also limited. School lunches must provide one third of the recommended dietary allowances for calories, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and fiber. The types of meal service in our schools are listed below.


Food is prepared in our Central Kitchen and transported to the schools in a frozen state. The school kitchen staff then reheats the food and keeps it warm in a steam table or oven, and dishes up the servings as the students go through the line. A main entree plus side dishes of fruit, vegetables, dessert and milk are offered to the students.

Individual Serving Menu (ISM)

Meals are prepared in our Central Kitchen, packaged in individual portions, and delivered to elementary schools in a frozen state. The meals are then heated and kept warm for service to the students. A main entree plus side dishes of fruit, vegetables, dessert and milk are offered to the students.

Special Individual Serving Menu (SISM)

These meals are prepared and served the same as the Individual Serving Menu, but contain larger portions or more components to satisfy the larger appetites of secondary students.

Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools have full-preparation kitchens. They offer a choice of two entrees each day plus a choice of side dishes including fruit, vegetables, dessert and milk. Along with the regular entrees, schools also have counters for "Grab 'n Go" lunches decreasing the wait for lunch. This increase in options brings more variety and all lunches qualify for the students with free or reduced meal status as well.