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Known Issues


Present Levels

The symbols, < or > can not be used in Present Levels.  User must use the wording to describe less than or greater than.

IEP Review Revision in Infinite Campus

When completing an IEP Review Revision in Infinite Campus you may get the following message when you change the Date of Meeting and IEP Services will Begin date on the Education Plan:  "One of more services currently fall outside the plan start and end dates. Check all Service Editors for compliance." The Service Editor include SPED Services, Supplementary Aids and Services and Related Services.

If you get this message, the dates on the Services pages will automatically update when you select Review Amendment and Complete Amendment. You do not have to manually change the dates.

IEP Implementation Editor

When making changes to the completed IEP Implementation Editor, the change is NOT staying.   If you make a change, please also re-enter the date field even if the date did not change.  This will allow the change to be made.

Uploading Forms

If you are getting a security warning when trying to upload your special education forms there could be two reasons:

1. You are using Google Chrome.
2. There is an extra period in the file name. (ex: ..PDF)
3. You don't have .PDF at the end of the file name.
4. Your settings in Firefox (the preferred browser) are not correct.
Please make sure that your settings are correct when creating special education forms.

IC Settings in Firefox for Adobe for Special Education Forms Download

Adobe Reader

Please see the directions to download the latest version. You will not have to uninstall your current version of ADOBE READER. You may have Adobe Flash Player and ShockWave Player installed as they do not interfere with Adobe Reader. This fix should be compatible with most operating systems. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our SEMS Help Desk at 799-0295 or 0099-0295 on the WAN.

Supported Browsers for PC Users

If you have questions about the recommended operating systems or browsers for Infinite Campus, please click Here