School Board Committees

American Education Week

  • The purpose of this committee is to plan a week of celebrations to celebrate American Education Week, which is held to bring awareness of public education in Clark County and throughout the country.
  • Board liaisons are Trustees Lola Brooks and Chris Garvey, who advise the Communications and Partnership Offices on this weeklong event.

Attendance Zone Advisory Commission (AZAC)

  • The purpose of this commission is to bring school zoning recommendations to the full Board. Each Board member appoints two members from his or her District.
  • Committee members include: Mallory Levins, Glen Olsen, Lois Mack, Becky Nielson, Nicole Benson, Deborah Mancini, Justin Hepworth, Shari Lyman, Mike Malone, David Gomez, Rachel Wren, Albert Delgado, Cyndy Mahoney, Diane Kinsel.

Audit Advisory Committee

  • The purpose of this committee is to advise the Board in strengthening accountability for stewardship and efficient use of public funds; provide a communication link between external and internal auditors and the Board of Trustees; enhance transparency of the District's financial operations; and improve public trust in the honesty and integrity of its public officials.
  • Committee Bylaws and Calendar
  • Committee members include Eric Bashaw, Jim McIntosh, Patricia Morris, Joshua Robinson, and B. Keith Rogers.

Bond Oversight Committee (BOC)

  • The purpose of this committee is to provide input on the distribution of the district's 1998 bond funds. Each Board member appoints one committee member from their District. The district also nominates members of the committee.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Linda E. Young.
  • Committee members include: Chairman Eleissa Lavelle, First Vice-Chair Jim Halsey, Second Vice-Chair Steve Philpott, Richard Bowler, Al Davis, Debbie Earl, Byron Goynes, Charles Kubat, Gene Lazarof, George Lopez, Thomas Morley, Harvey Munford, Jacob Reyolds and Eva White

School Board Student Advisory Committee

  • The purpose of this committee is to provide an open forum for students to get information about District policies, procedures, and current events. Students also give their feedback and ideas to Trustees and district administrative leadership.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Carolyn Edwards.
  • Commitee Bylaws
  • Committee members: Cameron Barnes, Arbor View High School; Dvon Neary, Bonanza High School; Lovely Warner-McRoy, Centennial High School; Maria Ceniceros, Cimarron-Memorial High School; Andrew Wang, Clark High School; Olivia O’Keefe, College of Southern Nevada, South; Ayanna Johnson, Desert Pines High School; Israel Gonzalez-Cervantes, Desert Rose High School; Alejandra Casterllanos, Las Vegas Academy; Shanya Espy, Legacy High School; Cassidy Hoeckendork, Liberty High School; Madalyn Watt, Northwest Career and Technical Academy; Kody Kildea, Shadow Ridge High School; Rosalia Sedano, Southwest Career and Technical Academy; Tara Rainey, Spring Valley High School; Elia Neeley, West Career and Technical Academy

School Name Committee

  • The purpose of this committee is to review naming nominations for unnamed Clark County School District facilities, including schools, central office locations and areas within schools (for example, libraries and sports facilities).
  • Board liaisons are Chairperson Trustee Deanna Wright and Trustee Chris Garvey.
  • Members are Chairperson Deanna Wright, Chris Garvey, Tarsha Hillmon, Sylvia Lazos, Myron Martin, Beatriz Romero, and Virginia Valentine.

Sex Education Advisory Committee

  • The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations to the Board regarding content and materials that are contained in sex education units.
  • Members are Arcelia Barajas, Sara Lemma, Michelene Newman, David Strickland, Dr. Dana Forte, Dena Trees, Anthony Benavides, Morgan Aikele, Dr. TaMara R. Griffin, Matthew Teis, and Erika Whitmore

Government committees with School Board representation

Southern Nevada Regional Planning Commission (SNRPC)

  • The purpose of this regional commission is to develop a comprehensive regional policy plan for balanced economic, social, physical, environmental and fiscal development, as well as orderly growth management of the region.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Kevin L. Child.

Debt Management Commission

  • The purpose of this commission is to secure timely and adequate funding to meet cash flow requirements for construction projects throughout Clark County, including other government entities beyond the school district.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Kevin L. Child.

State or national affiliates

Council of the Great City Schools

  • The purpose of this organization is to advocate for the nation's large urban school districts and their children.
  • Read more about the Council of Great City Schools and what it achieved in the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Linda Cavazos.

Nevada Association of School Boards (NASB)

  • The purpose of this organization is for members of school boards from throughout the state to work together on education issues that impact all Nevada schools and students.
  • This organization is comprised of school districts from throughout the state of Nevada.
  • Board liaisons are as follows: Trustees Carolyn Edwards (past president) and Linda E. Young sit on the Executive Committee. Trustee Chris Garvey, Director, and Trustee Linda E. Young, Legislative Representative.

Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA)

  • The purpose of this association is to promote, control, supervise, and regulate all interscholastic athletic events and other interscholastic events in Nevada's public schools.
  • Board of Control members include Trustees Linda P. Cavazos and Carolyn Edwards.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

  • The Trustee liaison sits on the Vegas PBS board and ensures that other trustees, acting in their capacity as FCC licensees, are aware of national programming policies affecting Vegas PBS.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Carolyn Edwards.

America's Public Television Stations (APTS)

  • The Trustee liaison to this organization ensures that other Trustees, acting in their capacity as FCC licensees, are aware of legislative and regulatory issues affecting Vegas PBS, and assists with joint lobbying activities with Southern Nevada Public Television.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Carolyn Edwards.

National or local boards/committees on which the Board traditionally participates

Public Education Foundation

  • The mission of the Public Education Foundation is to mobilize community and global resources to support and impact public education through initiatives, programs, and promising practices designed to improve student performance and advance quality educational opportunities for all children.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Lola Brooks.

School-Community Partnership

  • The School-Community Partnership program works with businesses and community members to provide ventures that are designed to support, supplement, and complement the curriculum of the Clark County public schools. The board liaison assists the School-Community Partnership Office with recruitment of partners and assists with strategic planning and goal setting.
  • Board liaison is Trustee Linda P. Cavazos.