Trustee Guzmán

Lisa Guzmán


As an educator and education advocate, I have supported public education issues since my father had me walk the strike line in Deer Park, New York. I grew up in Stony Brook, New York, went to high school in Gainesville, Georgia, and attended Arizona State University to get away from cold weather. I met my husband of over 30 years in Arizona. We have two amazing adult sons.

My teaching career was in Arizona both in urban and rural districts. My undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with an English as a Second Language emphasis. I have a masters degree in Educational Technology and Business Leadership. I started advocating for educational issues full time in 2007.

I have confidence that my experience with educators across the county, my education, and my advocacy skills will bring a different perspective to the board. I look forward to serving the families of the Clark County School District.


School Level District Municipality
Bass, John C. ES ES A CC
Wolff, Elise L. ES ES A HND
Vanderburg, John C. ES ES A HND
Cartwright, Roberta C. ES ES A CC
Lamping, Frank ES ES A HND
Twitchell, Neil C. ES ES A HND
Webb, Del E. MS MS A HND
Taylor, Glen C. ES ES A HND
Galloway, Fay ES ES A HND
Burkholder, Lyal MS MS A HND
Garrett, Elton M. and Madelaine E. JHS MS A BC
Greenspun, Barbara and Hank JHS MS A HND
Silverado HS HS A CC
Boulder City HS HS A BC
Laughlin HS HS A CC
Hummel, John R. ES ES A CC
Smalley, James E. and A. Rae ES ES A HND
Schorr, Steve ES ES A CC
Mannion, Jack and Terry MS MS A HND
Silvestri, Charles A. JHS MS A CC
Kesterson, Lorna J. ES ES A HND
Liberty HS HS A HND
Coronado HS HS A HND
Bennett, William G. ES ES A CC
King, Martha P. ES ES A BC
Bartlett, Selma F. ES ES A HND
McCaw, Gordon ES ES A HND
Mitchell, Andrew ES ES A BC
Taylor, Robert L. ES ES A HND
Reid, Harry ES ES A BC
Barber, Shirley A. ES ES A CC
Gehring, Roger D. ES Academy of Science and Technology ES A CC
Gehring, Roger D. ES Academy of Science and Technology ES A CC
Miller, Bob MS MS A HND
Sewell, C. T. ES ES A HND
Dooley, John A. ES ES A HND
Walker, J. Marlan International School ES ES A HND
Wallin, Shirley and Bill ES ES A HND
Morrow, Sue H. ES ES A HND
Laughlin JHS MS/HS A CC
Newton, Ulis ES ES A HND
Foothill HS HS A HND
Basic Academy of International Studies HS A HND
Brown, B. Mahlon JHS MS A HND
College of So. NV HS South Campus HS A HND
Ellis, Robert and Sandy ES ES A HND
Brown, Hannah Marie ES ES A HND