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The Clark County School District tracks student enrollment and analyzes the percentage of capacity at each school.  This information helps CCSD to identify “hot spot” areas of overcrowding within the District and allows schools with capacity for more students to participate in the open enrollment program.  These “hot spot” areas will be considered as new school locations are determined as part of the 2015 Capital Improvement Plan, or other potential supports may be implemented to alleviate the overcrowding, such as year-round calendars, rezoning, portable classrooms, or classroom additions.

For more information on student enrollment vs. capacity at each school and to view maps of area “hot spots” by school level, please view the attachments at the links below. 

2016-2017 List of Enrollments vs. Capacity by School

2016-2017 High School Capacity Hot Spots Map

2016-2017 Middle School Capacity Hot Spots Map

2016-2017 Elementary School Capacity Hot Spots Map

This information is provided in compliance with Nevada Senate Bill 390.

*Preliminary data pending validation with the Nevada Department of Education