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Budget Department

Departmental Mission Statement

The Budget Department, guided by ethics, accountability, and open communication is committed to providing sound financial planning to ensure effective decision making in support of the District's educational and financial goals.

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Clark County School District has received the Meritorious Budget Award from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) for its 2014-15 Comprehensive Annual Budget Report. The award program was designed to enable school districts to achieve excellence in budget presentation. The program encourages school systems to build a solid foundation in the skills of developing, analyzing, and presenting a budget. The award is only conferred to select school systems that have met or exceeded stringent program criteria. The review concluded that this report contains valuable information and represents a significant amount of hard work.

“…the amount of time and effort contributed to this budget document is evident.  This is one of the best documents I have seen, especially in terms of a communications device.  The writing is very succinct making this much easier for the general public to understand.” GFOA Reviewer S579, Oct, 2013.

The District and its staff should be commended on an excellent presentation of this budget document.

The Department is committed to making available to the community all information necessary for understanding the funding and allocation processes that drive the District's operations. Questions, feedback, or suggestions are invited by calling (702) 799-2666.

View the 2014-15 ASBO Award Certificate
View the 2014-15 GFOA Award Certificate

Budget Policies

Policy Governance - Global Mission
Clark County School District Regulation 3110
Clark County School District Regulation 3130

Budget - Standard Operating Basis

Summary of Significant Accounting and Budgetary Policies
The District's Budgeting Cycle
School Budget Administration

Funding of K-12 Public Schools in Nevada

Nevada Department of Education: Chart of Accounts

Nevada Revised Statutes - Budget Related

Chapter 387 - Financial Support of School System
Chapter 354 - Local Financial Administration