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Reference Materials



EasyTrac SmartLogbook

Instructions for viewing and printing logs (report) for individual students or groups of students:  Download

EasyTrac User Manual

Detailed instructions for EasyTrac:  Download


NDE IDEA Forms & Documents

Infinite Campus User Guide Download

Special Education Forms

Uploading Forms

If you are getting a security warning when trying to upload your special education forms there could be two reasons:

1. You are using Google Chrome.

2. There is an extra period in the file name. (ex: ..PDF)

3. You don't have .PDF at the end of the file name. 

4. Your settings in Firefox (the preferred browser) are not correct.

Please make sure that your settings are correct when creating special ed forms.

IC Settings in Firefox for Adobe for Special Education Forms Download

Ad Hoc Query - Infinite campus

Trying to run a report of the students with disabilities on your campus? Ad Hoc filters are created and located in your SSD group.

Handout Ad Hoc Filters Download

Handout Excel Tips Download

Other Quick References/Handouts

Amend Plan to Update LRE Code Download

Amend Stop Plan Download
Case Manager Tab Download
Caseload Summary Download

Creating a Plan Audit Report Download

Creating Plans Download

Creating Special Education Forms Download

Exiting a Student - No Longer Qualifies Download

Exiting a Student - Reached Max Age w/Annual Download

Exiting a Student - Reached Max Age w/Stopper Download

Exiting a Student - Standard Diploma w/Annual Download

Exiting a Student - Standard Diploma w/Stopper Download

Gen Ed Teacher Viewing IEP Download

Getting Started Download

IEP Review Revision Download
In-State Transfer Chart Download

Meeting Type Guideline Download

NDE Testing Accommodations Download

Out-of-State Transfer Chart Download

PLAAFP Sequence Download

Process Alerts Download

Progress Report Download

Searching for Students with Disabilities Download

Special Education Forms Naming Convention Download

Stapling and Associating Forms Download

Statewide and District-wide Assessments Chart Download



Medicaid Brochure - English

Medicaid Brochure - Spanish


Written instructions for enrolling in Pathlore classes:  Download