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Online/Blended Teacher Certification Program

Course Overview - Tier 2 – Emphasis Courses

Completion of Tier 1 courses are required for enrollment in the Tier 2 courses. Courses may be taken in any order. Any three Tier 2 courses may be taken to apply for certification. 

Tier 2 classes are designed to include learning new digital tools,creating projects, and application in your classroom. As part of the newly designed online & blended program, all prerequisites for the Tier 2 classes have been removed.

Tier 2 Courses

  • PDE 3218 - BlendED: Canvas Tools - Templates & Toolbox
  •       *formerly titled Introduction to the Canvas LMS*
  • PDE 3147 - Exploring Edmodo (This course has been sunsetted but will still be accepted as part of the Online & Blended certification.) 
  • PDE 3155 - BlendED: Designing for the Online/Blended Environment 
  • PDE 3107 - BlendED: Adding Online Elements to the Traditional Classroom
  • PDE 3156 - BlendED: Flipping the Classroom
  • PDE 3148 - BlendED: Differentiating Instruction in the Online & Blended Environment
  • PDE 3157 - BlendED: Learning with Mobile Devices
  • PDE 3301 - Delving Deeper into the Canvas LMS (This course has been sunsetted but will still be accepted as part of the Online & Blended certification.)
  • PDE 3352 - BlendED: Producing Instructional Videos for Online Delivery

New Courses Available

In addition to the Tier 2 courses listed above, eight new courses have been developed focusing on the use of the Canvas LMS in the classroom. These classes can also be used to fulfill the Tier 2 requirements. These classes are part of the newly designed online/blended program and do not have any pre-requisites.

  • PDE 3538 - BlendED: Canvas Tools - Assignment Options
  • PDE 3539 - BlendED: Canvas Tools - Module Creation
  • PDE 3540 - BlendED: Canvas Tools - Page Design
  • PDE 3541 - BlendED: Canvas Tools - Quizzes & Tests
  • PDE 3543 - BlendED: Canvas for English Language Arts Instruction
  • PDE 3544 - BlendED: Canvas for Mathematics Instruction
  • PDE 3545 - BlendED: Canvas for Science Instruction
  • PDE 3546 - BlendED: Canvas for Social Studies Instruction

Extended Education (Not a Tier 2 course):

PDE 3302 - Building an ePortfolio for Online & Blended Learning (This course will be sunsetted after July, 2017)

This class is designed to guide and support participants through the process of developing an ePortfolio which is the final step towards Online and Blended Teacher Certification.  The ePortfolio represents your journey and transformation with online and blended education.  Participants will gather and reflect upon artifacts used to demonstrate the individual's passion, energy, skills, and achievements essential in an online and blended classroom. The overall goal of this course is to obtain certification in the Online and Blended Teacher Certification Program by submitting a satisfactory ePortfolio.  The ePortfolio process is guided by an instructor and feedback from peer reviews.

What participants are saying about this program:

" ...I believe it is a common misconception that teaching and taking classes online are easy and are not taken as seriously. Online classes are more time consuming, but most of my classes I have taken online in the past have been the most rewarding and applicable to my teaching career. In the end, I look forward to enrolling in the next classes to better prepare myself when I'm ready to jump into teaching online."