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Online/Blended Teacher Certification Program

stock photoBlended learning is not a new concept, but may be a new term to many. What does online/blended learning look like? How does the student-teacher relationship change in this instructional environment? In this program you will learn about how online/blended learning is growing nationwide. Come be a part of the movement.



Additional Information and Resources:

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What participants are saying about this program:

"I'll be honest, I was just taking this class because it was convenient and I needed credits to renew my license. I had no idea it was going to change my classroom and the way I think and teach. I'm so happy life took me in this direction."

“Excellent class ... I learned much more than I thought I would!!”

“The best PDE class I have ever taken...I am also enrolled in another university online certification program and your information and assignments are actually better and more applicable to current online teaching, excellent job.”

“I am anxiously waiting for the next class!”

“I firmly believe that online courses do allow teachers the ability to reach students where they are this is a view I did NOT have before this course. ”

“I came out of this class realizing that I have much more to learn about online learning.”