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Leadership Development

School leadership is considered to be vital to the successful functioning of a school. Schools of the 21st century require a new kind of school leader, one who fulfills a variety of roles:

  • Instructional Leader - is focused on strengthening teaching and learning through effective supervision, professional development and data-driven decision making.
  • Community Leader - is aware of the school’s role in society; understands the value of shared leadership among educators, community partners, parents and residents; and advocates for community involvement and other resources.
  • Visionary Leader - demonstrates commitment to the conviction that all children will learn at high levels and is able to inspire others inside and outside the school building to work toward this vision.

Provide professional development for all pre service and initial service administrators, as well as experienced administrators, directly related to district goals, No Child Left Behind, and State school improvement initiatives.

  • Maintain a mentoring program for newly appointed administrators specifically focusing on developing a school culture to foster school improvement.
  • Maintain a pool of qualified administrative candidates who demonstrate competence related to school leadership responsibilities.
  • Work collaboratively with local universities related to educational leadership programs.