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Breakfast After the Bell

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but too many hungry kids miss a morning meal.  Schools that offer breakfast after the start of the instructional day are able to provide more kids with the healthy food they need to learn.

Signed into law on June 12, 2015, Senate Bill (SB 503) mandates that all schools with a free and reduced lunch eligibility of 70 percent or greater serve breakfast after the start of the school day.  This bill is intended to increase access to breakfast so that students start the day well-nourished and ready to learn.

All students at eligible schools, not just students eligible for free or reduced price meals, have access to a free breakfast after the start of the school day.

High Schools 

Canyon Springs HS Chaparral HS Cheyenne HS
Cowan Behavior Del Sol HS Desert Pines HS
East Career and Tech HS Eldorado HS Global Community
Mojave HS Peterson Behavior Rancho HS
South Continuation HS Sunrise Mountain HS Valley HS
Variety Secondary Western HS  






Middle Schools

Bailey MS Bridger MS Brinley MS
Cannon MS Cashman Ms Cortney MS
Findlay MS Fremont MS Garside MS
Gibson, Robert MS Guinn MS Harney MS
Johnson MS Johnston, Carroll MS Keller MS
Knudson MS Mack, Jerome MS Martin MS
Molasky MS Monaco MS O'Callaghan MS
Orr MS Robison MS Sawyer MS
Sedway MS Smith, JD MS South Continuation Jr HS
Swainston MS Variety-Secondary  Von Tobel MS
West Prep  West Hall Woodbury MS  









Elementary Schools

Adams ES Adcock ES Bailey, SRJ ES
Beckley ES Bell ES Bennett ES
Booker ES Bowler, J ES Bruner ES
Bunker ES Cahlan ES Cambeiro ES
Carson ES Cortez ES Cox, Clyde ES
Cozine ES Craig ES Crestwood ES
Culley ES Cuningham ES Dailey ES
Dearing ES Decker ES Detwiler ES
Diaz ES Dickens ES Diskin ES
Dondero ES Earl, Ira ES Edwards ES
Elizondo ES Ferron ES Fitzgerald ES
Fong ES French ES Fyfe Es
Goldfarb ES Goodsprings ES Gragson ES
Gray ES Grifitth ES Guy ES
Hancock ES Harmon ES Harris ES
Hayden ES Herr ES Herron ES
Hewetson ES Hickey ES Hinman ES
Hoggard ES Hollingsworth ES Iverson ES
Jeffers ES Jydstrup ES Katz ES
Keller, C & J ES Kelly ES King, ML ES
Lake ES Lincoln ES Long ES
Lowman ES Lunt ES Lynch ES
Mackey ES Manch ES Martinez ES
McCall ES McMillan ES McWilliams ES
Mendoza ES Miley Achievement ES Miller, Sandy ES
Moore, ES Mountain View ES Paradise ES
Park ES  Parson ES Perkins, Claude ES
Petersen, Dean ES Pittman ES Priest ES
Red Rock ES Reed ES Reid ES
Ronnow ES Ronzone ES Roundy ES
Rowe ES Rundle ES Sandy Valley ES
Scott ES Sewell ES Smith, Helen ES
Smith, Hal ES Snyder ES Squires ES
Stanford ES Stewart, Helen ES Sunrise Acres ES
Tartan ES Tate ES Taylor, Robert ES
Thiriot ES Thomas ES Tobler ES
Tomiyasu ES Treem ES Twin Lakes ES
Ullom ES Variety ES Vegas Verdes ES
Ward, Gene ES Warren ES Wasden ES
Watson ES Wengert ES West Preparatory ES
Whitney ES Wilhelm ES Williams, Tom ES
Williams, Wendell ES Wolfe ES Woolley ES
Wynn ES