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department avatarLiteracy, Social Studies, & Library Services, K-12


K-12 Literacy is committed to increasing student achievement through the development and promotion of literacy leadership, curriculum documents and resources, and comprehensive professional development that supports standards-based instruction.


The Clark County School District (CCSD) believes that all students can learn and achieve high academic standards as a result of high expectations for student achievement and effective teaching that includes a rigorous, standards-based curriculum; evidence-based instructional strategies and methodologies; and data-based decision making. Access to quality reading instruction for all children and a system of early prevention, intervention, and instructional supports are essential to meeting the full range of students’ needs from early childhood through high school graduation. Collaboration among administrators, teachers, support providers, parents, and the community is vital to improving achievement and reaching the goal of all students Ready by Exit.

The Nevada State Comprehensive Literacy Plan (NSLP) requires all districts to create a local literacy plan aligned with the NSLP. The District’s Literacy Plan is based on these three goals:

  • Goal 1:Expect and implement high-quality literacy instruction which aligns to the Common Core State Standards for all teachers and administrators.
  • Goal 2:Establish a standardized districtwide assessment program in literacy.
  • Goal 3:Increase collaboration with stakeholders to promote student achievement in literacy.

Common Core State Standards

Nevada Department of Education