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About this Program

To meet the Clark County School District (CCSD) initiative to provide online and blended learning opportunities for all students a teacher training program has been established. The Technology and Information Systems Services (TISS) Division, in collaboration with the Curriculum and Professional Development (CPD) Division,  has provided a teacher certification and professional development program for school staff across the state of Nevada, which includes online and blended learning pedagogy, the use of appropriate tools, and other aligned topics. 

The program will:

  • Re-frame the student/teacher partnership.
  • Blend your classroom with online curriculum.
  • Prepare you to teach online.
  • Help you engage students.

Program details:



What participants are saying about this program:

"Your class inspired me and I am off to figure it all out!"

"When I started I thought that there were two types of teaching face to face and online. It never occurred to me that what I do every day in the Read 180 class is blended learning. I also never occurred to me that there are so many other ways to teach and create a blended setting. I am so excited to learn more. I want to learn more about flipping my classroom, about pushing my students with higher rigor, about challenging them and creating opportunities for them to learn and grow and create in a world where they will have to be comfortable to be successful. "

"I think this class has been of inestimable value for me... Probably the thing that hit me the hardest was when I realized that not only has my need to "catch up with technology" become vital to my future as a teacher, but it is also crucial in my role as a mother... I need to keep up with their world."