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COVID-19 Information

Risk Management is working with various Division and Region representatives to assist in navigating through this unprecedented 2020-2021 school year.

CDC Guidelines on how to safely put on and take off personal protective equipment. CDC Cloth Face Covering Poster

Additional safety posters can be ordered directly from Graphics using the following ordering guide. Social distancing floor decals can be found in the SAP custodial catalog and ordered through regular Purchasing procedures.

Visitors that have an appointment to physically come to a site must make sure they are performing daily health checks. A template form has been created for visitors to complete before entering one of CCSD's buildings. A link to the form is available on page 44 of the Reopening of Schools Implementation Guide - Release 5

An electronic Daily Health Check for employees is now available. You may see a QR code at entrances to CCSD buildings that can be scanned to access the link on your phone or you can access the form directly from an icon on your desktop or at

Employee Health Check Guidance Document

Employees should be reminded that if they are feeling sick they must stay home and advise their supervisor. They should not come into work and then indicate symptoms or an exposure on the health check form. If you are working from home, the health check form is not required. This is for the health and safety of all!

To assist our Health Officials in documenting reported cases of staff that are reporting illness or exposures related to COVID-19, the supervising administrator should go to this data collection site and submit preliminary information that will be used to work with the Southern Nevada Health District in investigating and making necessary notifications to individuals that may have been exposed. Additional information is available starting on page 46 of the Reopening of Schools Implementation Guide.

COVID-19 Illness Employee Tracking System Link

COVID-19 Ilness Tracking - FAQ

COVID-19 Illness Entry Instructions

Employee Covid-19 Exposure Notification Workflow  (Page 49 in Implemenation Guide)

As employees recover from illness and request to return to work, the supervisor should complete the CCSD Employee Return to Work After Illness Questionnaire. A return to work note from the physician or from SNHD is not required for the employee to return, as long as they meet all the criteria. Refer to page 48 of the Reopening of Schools Implementation Guide for specifics on when an employee may return to work. Neither Risk Management nor Health Services staff will issue a return to work date; however, staff are available to discuss the guidelines and answer any questions a site administrator may have while determining if it is appropriate for a staff member should return to the building.

Student illness and exposures will be tracked by Health Services staff. Consult with the school nurse for further information on how to handle and document student illnesses.

If you have questions, please email or call 702-799-6496 and leave a voicemail for extension 5690.