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COVID-19 Information

Facility Use COVID-19 Guidelines   (Facility Use Permit - CCF-410)

CDC Guidelines on how to safely put on and take off personal protective equipment. CDC Cloth Face Covering Poster

Additional safety posters and stickers can be ordered directly from Graphics. Social distancing floor decals can also be found in the SAP custodial catalog (search term decal) and ordered through regular Purchasing procedures, if you chose not to go through Graphics. Social Distancing Decal Instructions

Guidance is consistently being updated on the Reopening Guidance page and should always be checked for updated information.

Building Visitor Sign-In Sheets

The following information should help to provide clarification regarding individuals visiting District facilities and school campuses. Each site is still required to have CCSD employees, not assigned to that location, complete the on-site sign-in form when they enter the building. CCSD employees will indicate on the sign-in form that they received a green or purple emocha badge for that day. Non-CCSD visitors will complete the on-site sign-in form, after completing the paper visitor health questionnaire form, and will receive a visitor badge. 

The check-in procedures for District facilities and school campuses are completely separate from any health screening protocols that are in place in the Clark County School District. 

The check-in procedures in place for District facilities and school campuses will also provide support in cases of contact tracing, as needed. The check-in forms should be kept for a period of at least 30 days and made available to Employee health staff when requested.

Template Sign-In Sheet

Visitors that physically come to a site must make sure they are performing daily health checks. A template form has been created for visitors to complete before entering one of CCSD's buildings. 

Visitor Questionnaire and Acknowledgement Form (English) Updated July 2021

Visitor Questionnaire and Acknowledgement Form (Spanish) Updated July 2021

All Clark County School District (CCSD) staff are required to use the emocha Health mobile app or web-based portal prior to reporting to work for mandatory daily symptom monitoring every work day. The emocha Health platform is HIPAA-compliant. emocha Health maintains strict confidentiality of all staff information. Based on staff's responses, he/she will receive a color-coded digital badge for worksite entry. Additional information is available at:

Pay close attention to each question, as they are modified as CDC guidance changes. The only time the health check does not need to be completed is if the employee is absent. If assistance is needed with badge colors or medical questions, please contact the CCSD Employee Health staff line at 702-799-0298 between 5:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

COVID-19 related illnesses are now being managed by the CCSD Employee Health staff. Any questions related to vaccinations, COVID-19 illness symptoms, and necessary quarantine periods can be directed to employee health at 702-799-0298 sent to the CCSD employee health group at

Employees should be reminded that if they are feeling sick they must stay home and advise their supervisor. They should not come into work and then indicate symptoms or an exposure on the emocha health check system. If you are working from home, the emocha health check is still required. The direct link to the emocha web application is This is for the health and safety of all!

As employees recover from illness and request to return to work or discontinue isolation, the supervisor should coordinate with the Employee Health staff to determine appropriate return dates and have the employee complete the emocha symptom check and receive a green or purple badge. A return to work note from the physician or from SNHD is not required for the employee to return from COVID-19 quarantine, as long as they meet all the criteria. Supervisors of an impacted employee that is unable to return after the designated quarantine period will need to work with the Employee Health staff and Human Resources regarding how to proceed.

The Clark County School District’s Health Services Department has implemented a new COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Hotline for parents/guardians to call in the event their student is exposed to or tests positive for COVID-19. Parents should utilize the Clark County School District’s COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Hotline to report their student’s positive COVID-19 test result or their student’s recent exposure to a COVID-19-positive individual. The CCSD COVID-19 Parent/Guardian Hotline is available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. and can be reached by calling (702) 799-4322. Parents should not send their student to school if they are COVID-19 positive or suffering from symptoms.

For CCSD employees in need of assistance, the Life Connection Employee Assistance and Worklife Program is available to benefit eligible CCSD employees. This resource provides counseling services, as well as support for legal, financial, child, eldercare, and daily living needs. CCSD employees can call 1-800-280-3782 or visit the  Additional information can also be found at this link.

If you have questions, please email or call 702-799-6496.